Mindfulness Moments

By Meredith |

2016 rolled into 2017 and I the buzz word “mindfulness” was spinning through the air. I am not a mindfulness expert, I am an almost 30 wife, momma, leader and friend attempting to not drop the same ball twice; I thought mindfulness might help. I have been implementing tiny mindfulness moments in my week and decided to share what that journey has been like in hopes that it will improve the ecosystem of your journey as well.

I feel compelled to say, if you are picturing a lululemon clad, carrot juice carrying, makeup-less yogi you probably are imagining my spirit animal, but not my reality. My week looks a little more like scheduling in ironing between conference calls and silly-toddler songs. Mindfulness, for me, is a tool to be more effective long-term.


On my mindfulness journey one of the most prominent things I have discovered is the power of fresh air. In a society and climate where we move from our homes, to our cars, to our workspaces we can easily get to evening and have only had seconds of fresh air in the day. I have found that being intentional in finding time to take in fresh air has had a huge impact on my clarity of thought.

In the morning I try to get out and get the crisp morning air in my lungs for at least two minutes. It seems minimal, but I feel it makes a difference in my day. We have a puppy, so this is pretty easy to accomplish when I take him out for his morning potty break. What I have changed is that instead of running him out and just tapping my toe, I give the pup a couple minutes to explore and I turn my face toward the sky and take in deep, deep breaths. I also use this moment to thank God for another day and ask Him for guidance in this day.

You know that time early afternoon where you feel like you are just staring at your computer but unsure of what you should be doing? Thats a good time for your second dose of fresh air. I leave my phone on my desk — I know, the insanity, but I do — and take a five minute walk outside to clear my morning thoughts and refocus for the afternoon. Don’t shun away from the weather. There are extremes of course, but brisk winter cold can be incredibly invigorating and a gentle rain beautifully cleansing. I try to do one more in the early evening. Generally the pup helps with this as well, or — on the best days — we take a family walk around the neighborhood.
Getting fresh air could even be incorporated in your life by rolling down the windows during your commute or cracking a kitchen window while you cook dinner. Do you get fresh air throughout your day, how does it change your perspective?

Live Well.